Tomorrow is 1st December, a day all kids (and adults alike) are waiting for… opening that first little window on the infamous advert calendar!

Even at 26 years old and a mum I still bloody love an advert calendar!

As parents we are the dream makers for our children and I don’t know about any of you but I have such high expectations to live up to this for my kids. Most of my Ideas about Christmas come from my childhood and traditions my parents had.

As a mum now I’ve added in my own traditions and two that I absolutely love and NEED to share with you all are;

1. Christmas crafts for the run up the Christmas 🎄

So under our tree we have a whole bunch of creative crafts wrapped up for the kids to enjoy throughout December. These range from Gingerbread houses to Christmas clay models. For me it’s all about creating the build up and magic of Christmas so that one quick day we actually have isn’t lost in all the wrapping paper. I also can’t actually remember what I’ve wrapped so I’m excited to see what they pick to make first!

2. Book advent calendar.

Books really make bedtime extra special, I find throughout the year it’s a massive struggle to also get a bedtime story in, so this year I’ve bought 24 new books and have them all wrapped under the tree ready for the kids to pick one an evening throughout December, some are Christmassy and others are classics. For me this brings an extra level of Christmas excitement and a conscious effort to include bedtime stories! Terrible mum I know.

This year is still a massive struggle for us as parents and co-parenting with our exes is still a fucking nightmare. But I’m not letting that stop us bringing the magic of Christmas to our children and to constantly make each year better than the last. We as parents are the dream makers. I’m not letting any of them miss any bit of the magic of Christmas 🎄

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