What we call family..

Our current day to day life with the kids is all over the place, and I mean all over the place,over a year on from getting together, the only stability we have is with our youngest,who will never leave our side.

My oldest, the 6 year old is only with us on weekends as I have recently undergone a horrific custody battle with his dad and the judge granted him custody, so as you can imagine it.is.hell. The struggles are very very real and honestly I am having to take each day as it comes, unless you have experienced this you really will have no clue how it feels and I hope you never have to!

The two middle children the 5 and 4 year old are my partners other two and they live full time with their mum. This is also an experience from hell as she makes it very very difficult for him to co-parent and it causes a lot of stress also.

With all these problems surrounding us we are so grateful that our baby is the happiest baby around. Obviously she has no idea how the rest of our family is functioning but we will always do our best for her, and to see her grow up with her siblings is all we want.

Life can throw a hell of a lot of bombshells at you, we are trying our best to enjoy what we have to the fullest and taking you through this journey with us I’m hoping can help others in similar situations or undergoing any issues we have faced.

Seven in a Bed. X

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